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45.00 Eur / m2

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*If you order goods and installation work for areas from 50 sq. metres, you will receive a gift consisting of a terrace care product!

45 %  PVC
45 % Sorted wood flour
10 % Additives, UV stabilizers, dyes

Thickness: 25 mm
Width: 160 mm
Length: 3000 mm / 4000 mm


GAMRAT terrace board made of wood composite is a modern product, perfectly imitating wood, which perfectly blends into the surroundings of modern and traditional houses and works great as a building material for arranging a terrace, a bridge, a balcony, promenade or pool edges. This revelational product is a combination of nature and modernity, and thus the properties of highly selected wood flour with the properties of PVC plastics.
Composites consisting of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), in comporison to other materials (PP, HDPE) have the best properties – they are low-absorbent, resistant to weather conditions, non-flammable and high abrasion resistant. The great advantage of Gamrat terrace boards is their dimensional stability – they do not delaminate. They are resistant to algae, fungi and mould. They can be used for laying areas near and above water. This product surpasses wood in terms of its properties, because it eliminates the disadvantages of this material. And the methot of fabricating this material by coextrusion, i.e. obtaining its two-layer composition, guarantees its excellent performance parameters.

Files to download

Terrace board leaflet
Classification for fire reaction
Classification for reaction to fire
Gamrat instalation instruction
National Declaration of Performance 01DJ17
Hygenic certificate


Resistance to low and high temperatures
Aesthetic appearance of terrace
Product's eco-friendliness
Minimal expansion
25-year warranty
Resistance to fungi and lichens
Made of selected wood
No-need for maintenance and painting
Resistance to UV radiation
Non-flammable - Bf-S1 class to reaction to fire
Non-slip surface

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