About us

“Eimosta”, Ltd staff has many years of experience in indoor floors and outdoor terraces installment. Our company of three teams is made out of specific field professionals: floor layers, wood craftsmen. We collaborate with architects, flooring manufacturers and distributors. We can offer you good quality floor coatings and other materials that are required in installation process.

Our aim and goal is providing each customer with the most suitable floors and terraces installation solution. During the consultation process we consider your needs and other existing factors (location, price, materials, and complexity of installation) and provide a solution that is closest to your expectations.

We use the most suitable techniques and materials for the installation of floors and terraces. We lacquer, oil and comb the wood. If there is a need – we can offer floor moldings too.

The working masters are certified LÄGLER specialists who can work professionally with HUMMEL®, FLIP and TRIO tools to achieve premium quality result.